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SAVE THE DUCK Vegan Rose Puffer Jacket

SAVE THE DUCK Vegan Rose Puffer Jacket


This beautiful mauve coloured Save the Duck´s lightweight women's jacket has a sleek silhouette and is padded with plum tech, a synthetic down that achieves phenomenal warmth in cold and wet weather. 

Made with high-definition nylon fabric this jacket is thin, almost weightless yet highly resistant and warm. The unique plum tech padding guarantees impermeability and wind protection, whilst assuring breathability, it absorbs humidity and dries rapidly. 

All Save the Duck products are produced without animal cruelty and the brand is recommended by PETA

  • Rose Pink
  • Outer Fabric: 100% Nylon
  • Patented synthetic down filling called Plumtech ®
  • 2 concealed zip pockets
  • Closes securely with a two-way front zip at front
  • Slim Silhouette
  • Machine wash in cold water (30 - 40 Degrees) short cycle.
    Do not dry clean
  • Hang to dry and do not tumble dry! This jacket dries rapidly.
  • Vegan, Save the Duck uses no feathers, no leather and no real fur in their collections
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