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SAVE THE DUCK Black Vegan Padded Sleeveless Vest

SAVE THE DUCK Black Vegan Padded Sleeveless Vest



This sleeveless padded vest without sleeves is a practical and comfortable design that can be worn over light layers your jeans jacket, a warm pullover or under a thicker jacket and coat for additional warmth. Its water and wind resistance make this a seasonal must-have piece, simply perfect for everyday and travelling.

Save the Duck was awarded the VEGAN FASHION AWARD by PETA Germany (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a no-profit organization that advocates animal rights)and has a long-standing “Animal Free Fashion” certification.

  • Black

  • 100% Nylon

  • Padded non-stretchy fabric

  • Patented synthetic down filling called Plumtech

  • Slim Silhouette

  • Machine wash in cold water (30 - 40 Degrees) short cycle.
    Do not dry clean

  • Hang to dry and do not tumble dry! This jacket dries rapidly.

  • Vegan, Save the Duck uses no feathers, no leather and no real fur in their collections

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