La Muse Boutique

Our Story

Our passion is to offer you a unique selection of clothes and accessories by exciting and contemporary fashion designers and brands, that you would actually love to wear as they allow you to express who you are, feel great and put a smile on your face so you can go on and conquer the world
— La Muse

The Concept

La Muse fashion boutique celebrates woman, their beauty, their accomplishments, their imperfections and their strength.

We present you with impeccable contemporary fashion and accessories by independent brands that share our values and treasure the diversity of humanity and respect mankind, nature and the world we live in through all aspects. 

La Muse is far more than just another e-commerce site or retailer:

A warm-hearted cocoon for you to come and visit as you are, we invite you on a journey to rediscover fashion and to play with fashion. 

To have fun, to laugh and to try on something new and to give you time, to tell you the story so you can decide if this design was meant for you, because it brings out your beauty, it makes you feel good about yourself, it simply feels right. 

" The True Magic of Fashion" 





" Je suis La Muse

                " I am my own muse" 


A woman is the centre of the world, she divinely creates life and the world around her. If you are content and feel good about yourself, you are free to go and simply be, to go and create your world, which means something different to all of us and this is the beauty of it. 

We aim to represent designers whose work we truly value and appreciated, who have their own design signature, values and visions and we endear to tell their story and share their visions with our customers. We support ethical brands, who share our values and appreciate all people and the world around us. You will find that many of our brands are also vegan, our jewellery is made by artisans around the globe and our designers are both environmentally conscious and awake in their own unique way.   



We are based in Geneva, Switzerland. 

You can write us an email at:

We endeavour to reply to you within an hour but if there is a time difference and we are sleeping we will reply to you as soon as our team is back in the office. 

You can also reach us by phone between 10:00 - 19:00 CET on

+41 22 311 26 27  

If you are a designer or artist and would like to work with us, please send us visuals of your work at and we will come back to you within 5 Working Days. We endeavour to reply to all emails we receive.